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JĀNIS LEJNIEKS, Editor in Chief

Latvijas Architektūra is a top quality and the only one magazine in Latvia for architects, designers and construction specialists. Published bi-motnhly since 1995, it covers the latest buildings, public and private, industrial and infrastructure objects built in Latvia. Interior design is equally important as exterior, so both form the major part of the magazine. On top of that, city planning and landscape design are among other topics of the magazine.

The magazine “Latvijas Architektura” is published in cooperation with Curlture Capital Fund of Latvia and Association of Architects of Latvia. The magazine contains articles written by famous local architects and designers, illustrated by photos of high-class pro photographers.

Latvijas Architektūra is subscribed, bought, borrowed from colleagues and really read. You will find this magazine on the table or shelf of every architect, actively using it as an inspiration and information resource. It is also a must-have for the students of architecture, design and construction. At the same time the magazine is very popular among those building their own private housing, opening restaurants, developing office buildings etc.

The magazine is kept on shelves for many years and is considered to maintain its value also for the future generations. Therefore advertisements, placed in Latvijas Architektura have almost indefinite live span reaching decision makers and decision influencers across full spectrum of professions involved in construction process.

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