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Women’s glossy, Latvian language
Kristine Rudzinska

Lilita used to be Adam’s first wife, but she liked to be independent so she left the paradise and only then Ieva was made out of Adam’s rib.

Today it is modern to build your own life, not just flow down the stream and watch the world around changing. Being modern means to improve yourself, your life and the environment around continuously. To discover the essence of female being is the way of improvement. To understand your man is the way for long and strong relationship. Constant care of your look and mind is the way to start such relationship.

A modern female needs a modern magazine. Lilita combines entertainment, beauty, fashion and interior aspects of modern world with centuries-old sex and relationship tips including esotericism and some magic, too. All of this in a modern printing with exclusive interviews with world famous celebrities and local true-stories. The magazine combines experience of long period of the editorial work and international magazine publishing. Lilita now has become a bible of a modern female.

Lilita is published both in Latvian and Russian languages. The Russian edition with its 15 years of publishing is the most popular Russian language title in Latvia. It is available in retail in a package with Patron (a men’s magazine) and subscription. The Russian edition is also sold to Russian speaking readers in Estonia and Lithuania thus making it a true pan-Baltic magazine.

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